7 Useful Tips To Take Care Of Your Wireless Earphones

July 24, 2017

Wireless earphones are connected through Bluetooth to your phones or music devices. It has truly revolutionized the way people enjoy music. The joy the wireless earphones brings is incomparable for the music lovers and is often an invaluable possession for them. With the wireless Bluetooth in earphones, you just need to synchronize earphone with any audio device and enjoy your music. To enjoy the best experience, it is very important that you treat them with respect and care they deserve. Keeping them in good condition will not only ensure hygiene, but also ensure audio fidelity.

Whether you just want to dash off to get groceries, take a break from work, work out (there are wireless earphones for workout made especially for this purpose) or just feel like moving to the sweet rhythm of beautiful music, wireless earphones are your go-to gadgets.

With time, the earphones undergo wear and tear as a result of constant use. It will not be wrong to say that wireless earphones are pretty fragile and can easily break if you fail to take proper care. Though headphones have the reputation of being often replaced, it is undeserved. Here are some tips to take care of your wireless earphones and add to its life and helps you save a great deal of money spent on replacing the earphones:

  1. Don’t sleep with earphones on

After a tiring day, you may want to listen to your favorite album lying on your bed. No matter how much tired or tempted you are to sleep with your wireless earphones with Dolby sound, it is not a good idea. If you sleep with your earphone on, there is a chance you might roll over and damage them.

  1. Store them safely

Knowing how to store your wireless earphone is another way to keep your wireless Bluetooth earphones safe. Ensure that you don’t leave it dangling or drop it on the ground or leave it in a place where somebody might step on it. It is best to keep the earphone in a case when not in use. Always store the earphones in dry and clean place. It is best to make use of the supplied case. It is best to follow the official instructions to reduce the wear and tear while you are not using the earphones. Never put them loose in your pocket pants as excessive rubbing and pulling can damage the cord.

Tip: Cheap earphones undergo wear and tear faster than expensive earphones because of the difference in their quality.

  1. Avoid excessively loud sound

If the wireless earphone is well suited to the audio device, it is connected to there is no need to pump up the volume. Excessively loud sound can affect its sound quality in the long run. There might have been times when you play the music you hear the constant buzzing sound. It is not the problem with the sourc; rather it is the issue of the headphone cups or earbuds. The cause of the problem is the excess volume as when you play the music on extreme levels, the size of the sound waves get bigger and causes disturbance to the internal equipment. If you often play the music on high volume, some piece can come loose and cause a buzz and reduce the audio quality. The problem might also occur if you crank up the bass to high.

 Besides, we all are aware of the dangers of exposing our ears to loud sounds. If you appreciate music, it is suggested to invest in the noise canceling wireless earphones. They are more expensive than others but worth the money spent. For top rated wireless earphones, check out wireless earphones review so as to find the best.

  1. Keep away from moisture

Wireless earphones are not water friendly. So, be extra careful and never wear them in the rain. Do not use them while working out. If you can’t resist music when working out it is suggested to buy the waterproof Bluetooth headphones or sweat resistant wireless earphones. You can easily find the sports wireless earphones online. The sports wireless earphones come in designs that can be worn over the ear, with ear-hooked or in-ear.

  1. Avoid exposure to extreme temperature

If you want to keep your earphones secured, you must not expose it to extreme temperatures. Heat from direct sunlight or can both damage the earphones and affect the sound quality. A cold temperature lower than 14 degrees F, kills the battery faster and weakens the battery life of earphones. The hot weather, on the other hand, alters the shape of parts of the earphone that are made of plastic.

  1. Clean the earphones

To ensure that the earphones function well, you must clean it once in a while. Even the best wireless Bluetooth earphones can become clogged with earwax over the time. With constant use, dirt, makeup and sweat stains can stick to your wireless earphone and affect the sound quality. Carefully clean off with alcohol-free wipes or slightly damp cloth whenever you notice any stains. To remove the grime and dirt on the inside meshed area, use a dry toothbrush. If your earbuds come with removable parts like silicone cover, cleaning them occasionally will prevent the buildup.

  1. Never bend the earphone

Don’t be fidgety when you have earphones in hand. Very often while fiddling you might break the earphones even without realizing it. Also, do not wrap cords around your earphones. It weakens the plastic head and could potentially tamper with the internal workings of the earphone. Worse yet, it could cause one of the ears to stop producing quality sound.

Just remember to treat your headphones with as much care as of your smartphone and you will never have to replace the earphones once in two months. You can purchase some of the top quality wireless earphones on Amazon. When buying the earphones, simply remember the purpose, choice and clarity in mind.

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