8 reason why you should listen to music while working out

July 31, 2017

Jane Fonda and Jazzercise know that, Zumba knows that, even Vikings rowers knew the fact that the music helps people exercising harder, faster and longer. At the same time, it improves the attitude to something that some people can easily find boring.

For some people working out, it’s something that they have to do, not because they want to do. So listening to music with most comfortable earbuds to improve your work out is something pretty obvious. So every time when people turn on their iPods, they feel healthy and pleasant while exercising, even though they are not conscious about yourself. Moreover, lately a group of scientists tried to find out why and how your favorite energetic tunes enhance your exercise performance. Read on to know why:


  1. Music is a great distraction


Music actually is much more than only a distraction. Working out with music, makes them less conscious about the exertion, exhaustion and even muscle pain. And this is a really good thing as it improves athlete’s performance by around 16 percent, which is a lot! If they listen to their favorite songs while working out, they don’t think about pain, sweat and discomfort. It helps them make more repetitions of each activity. That’s why you should create your own playlist on your phone and enjoy it while working your butt off. It’ll feel definitely less painful. To ensure that only your favorite tunes reach your ear, invest in the best noise cancelling earbuds.


  1. Music gets people ‘in the zone’


Everybody has a song or a band that get them ‘in the zone’ or ‘in the mood to do stuff’. It’s a go-to song and when people listen to it, they feel it in every cell of their body. When they choose the type of music they exercise to, the body reacts to it at the first tunes of the song. It gives energy, and what’s more important, it boosts motivation. It just gets people off their seats, just because they memorize the moment of work out and the exact song. The funniest thing is that nobody discovered why it is like this. But it works. Always.


  1. The rhythm can keep the stable pace and heart rhythm


Feel the song, get your own pace and stick to it. And with your favorite song is just very easy to keep the same velocity of exercising. It happens like this, because the song stimulates the motor area of the brain. Therefore when people do the self-paced exercising, like running or weight-lifting, brain is too concentrated to listen to the song, so we can use our energy more efficiently and for longer durations.


  1. It improves your efforts


Listening to right kind of music helps integrate your effort with its rhythm. The studies proved that a group of cyclists worked harder while listening to faster music as compared to the one with slower tempo song. And they didn’t even know that. Their body reacted to the beats unconsciously. So let’s leave Adele for some relaxing moment after working out and choose something more energetic. It’s also proved that the best effect at moderate exercisers is the song with between 120-140 beats per minute. So as we can see, it can’t be too fast too.


  1. It makes you want to move


If you are a big fan of music, you know how you feel when you hear your favorite tune. Yes, your body moves by itself. It’s either only one leg while sitting at the computer or the whole chest under the shower. And it’s all brain’s fault again. While hearing another playlist hit, it gets excited and happy due to endorphins explosion and induces the movement at the listener. So even if you don’t have a professional work out session in the gym, you can turn on the playlist and do some crunches and dancing moves in your room without getting out of the house.


  1. Music has a big impact on the mood


People experience this everyday. Sad and upset people listen to more relaxing and melancholic music, while happy and exited people choose more energetic tunes. So it’s all about feelings and mood. But also studies showed that we have a big influence to change the current mood. Music allows people to think about themselves, what they want to do, who they want to be and how to change their mood. So in this case, people are pushed harder just by the song to hit the gym and burn the calories. And this is all because of the amazing feeling of endorphins afterwards.


  1. You don’t need a work out buddy


People enjoy working out with a friend or a member of the family. It’s a lot of fun. You talk, laugh and motivate each other. Some people can’t go to the gym or run alone, because they need to be pushed. But sometimes is just difficult with different schedules and people’s motivation. However, people don’t know that they have it all while working out. Themselves and music and this is all what you need. They’re not alone as they spend time with their favorite singers and in their own world of music.


  1. Work out is something to look forward to


For some people working out is not the most pleasant activity in the world. But plus, if they are music lovers. Special playlist can make them feel motivated and start looking forward to the gym session. And this is the key, whatever pushes you, stick to it. And favorite music can give you a really great and fun time.


Music is an important part of each training session, because of medical, scientific and personal reasons. The interplay of exercise and music has been discussed for a long time and there is no doubt that beats get people going. It increases the motivation, distracts the mind and increases the heart rate. It also keeps people focusing only on the physical aspect, without feeling pain or exhaustion. It relaxes the brain and makes you have a great time while doing something actually boring and painful. So, great playlists with your favorite tunes and a wireless bluetooth headphone are the two things which are essential at every gym session.


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