Pulseaudio is an industry pioneer in providing the Best Quality and Most Technologically Advanced Headphones and Accessories on the market to you, our Valued Customer.

Pulseaudio is a way of life. Not only do we strive to give our customers the absolute finest products, but encourage to live an active lifestyle and be a positive figure in the community. Our mission is to make Pulseaudio a leading company in the electronics industry with our customer satisfaction policies. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction, and we are confident that we have the policies to accomplish that. The company was established in 2014 by Habil Fereydouni, a young entrepreneur from Montreal, Canada, who had an idea of creating a brand to be recognized as the leader in headphones and accessories, so we work hard to provide the absolute best service and guarantees to the consumer.

Our vision serves as support for future endeavours and assists the business to reach heights which can only be limited by the sky. Therefore, we need all the encouragement and support to get this project to the level we expect. Follow us on pulseaudio.com.

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